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The REU program is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded initiative that supports active research participation by undergraduate students. The REU Site in Chemical Biology at NYU offers an intensive interdisciplinary research program at the interface of chemistry and biology to the participating students. The 10-week summer program hosts roughly ten undergraduate students per year. We welcome applications from all backgrounds and levels of research experience, and we encourage applications from students from underrepresented groups in science.

The program basics include:

  • Cutting edge research experience in laboratories at NYU, in the heart of Manhattan, from June 3 to August 9, 2024.

  • Workshops in Professional Development, Responsible Conduct in Research, and Graduate School Admissions.

  • Social activities with other summer students at NYU.

  • Stipend of $6,000.

  • On-campus housing arranged by the program.

  • Selected fellowships for presentations at national conferences.

  • Reimbursement for travel to and from the REU site (up to $600).



The REU Site in Chemical Biology at NYU provides an educational program that capitalizes on interdisciplinary research opportunities present in the Department of Chemistry at NYU to instill in the students the excitement of scientific inquiry and innovation, and to build upon the fundamental concepts of chemistry through their application in the study and manipulation of biological systems. The main objectives of the site are:

  • To introduce undergraduate science majors to cutting-edge research at the chemistry-biology interface that will capture their interest in science and engineering careers.

  • To provide students with basic professional skills and research ethics to succeed in graduate school and beyond.

  • To increase students’ awareness of career opportunities in science and engineering fields.

  • To create a collaborative environment in which the participants are exposed to a diverse peer group in science.

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