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Supramolecular Chemistry: Probes for imaging


Research Description
Dr. James W. Canary's group uses molecular modeling and organic synthesis to engineer materials with designed properties at the interface between biomedical chemistry and nanoscience. One effort in the group is the application of stereochemistry to the development of materials for molecular electronics and nanotechnology . We design and synthesize molecules containing "triggers" that induce shape changes and optical responses. Such behavior might be useful in the future development of optical display or electronic technology. A second area of research involves imaging. We design of molecules for fluorescent sensing metal ions of importance to neurobiology. Other imaging projects are underway in collaboration with scientists at the NYU School of Medicine. In collaboration with Ned Seeman's group, we develop methods for DNA- directed assembly of organic polymers. The goal is to harness the exquisite structural control of DNA nanotechnology for the synthesis of organic materials and devices.

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